Find out about my previous work below.

circlegreensmall1  Project delivery

In nearly 8 years at Global Action Plan I delivered over 30 behaviour change projects, most of them trying to answer particular questions, e.g. how can we…

  • support community champions encourage more people to use buses?
  • use social marketing to influence individual clothes washing habits to save energy?
  • use an on-line energy saving race help community groups engage local residents?
  • empower local people to help friends and neighbours live more sustainable lifestyles (without putting them off on the way)?
  • use extrinsic values help university staff ‘go green’?

All of these projects involved ‘community’ in some context, whether this was a geographical community, communities of people with a particular interest or a community of employees.

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Images from Plugin Midlands, where I worked with the Environment Agency, water companies and 6 housing associations to make the link between water saving retrofits and accompanying behaviour change. We were awarded the Sustainable Homes Community Engagement Award in 2012 by Brian Blessed. [Images courtesy of Wolverhampton Homes]

circlebluesmall1  Training

I developed and delivered the majority of Global Action Plan’s community training programmes between 2008 and 2016, and supported colleagues to deliver sessions themselves.

For the Energising Communities project funded by the Cabinet Office I developed a training package to give housing association residents the skills and confidence to talk about basic energy saving actions with friends and neighbours. I delivered the majority of the training, and supported colleagues in Global Action Plan to deliver the remaining sessions. This work was summarised in an ebook published by Global Action Plan and the Cabinet Office.

circlepurplesmall  Facilitation

I like using visual processes to help teams agree what a project will look like in practice. For a project in the Midlands funded by the Environment Agency I used a mapping activity to help a project steering group determine the scope and deliverables of a complex community engagement project. I then used a similar process to enable the project team to map out delivery phases and agree ways of working.

circleredsmall  Engaging materials

At Global Action Plan I developed a suite of hands-on training resources to explain and explore energy use in homes, community buildings and workplaces. These could be delivered flexibly to build up an understanding of electrical appliances, hot water use, heat loss and insulation. I have also hosted stalls at community events using only a pack of playing cards and a piece of flip-chart paper to gain pledges for sustainable behaviour.

circleyellowsmall  Support of staff & volunteers

Most of my projects have involved supporting staff and volunteers to deliver sustainability outcomes.

I provided remote support and training to four young people working as Energy Ambassadors with Tesco in Scotland. This included weekly web meetings, providing ‘on-call’ telephone support and bite-size training. The support helped the young people stay on target during the project, incorporate new techniques or learning and reflect on lessons learnt. This work was completed at Global Action Plan in a project funded by Tesco and Accenture which won the edie Employee Engagement and Behaviour Change award in 2015.

I continue to deliver these services for a range of organisations. Please get in touch to see how I could work with you.