Welcome to the three circles blog

My three circles is a simple way of exploring what it is about the environment that is important to people and how that informs how they work to protect or cherish it.

When I explain where the three circles name came from people often respond by telling me what their three circles would be. This has led to conversations about

  • Values
  • Faith, beliefs or spirituality
  • Connections with something bigger than us
  • Careers, jobs and hobbies
  • Walking, running and being in the outdoors

The three circles can be viewed like Venn diagrams – exploring what happens when the three circles overlap.

greencirclehanddrawnsmallMy starting point is to ask what word is most meaningful when talking about the world we live in; “environment”, “nature”, “earth”, for example.


bluecirclehanddrawnsmallThe next step is to choose two words which relate to the first, for example why the natural world matters to you, how you work for the benefit of the natural world or what brings you closer to nature.


purple-circle-handdrawnsmallThirdly, what happens in the spaces where they overlap? How does this motivate you, or influence how you do things? How does it connect you with other people, and things that are important to them?


This blog is a record of some of the conversations I have had. Please get in touch if you want to take part, or scroll down to see previous conversations.


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