In the beginning

I had the idea for this blog 8 years ago when I finished working at OperationEDEN (the forerunner for Faiths4Change). In looking for “what next” I kept coming back to the idea of three overlapping circles, and seeing how they inter-related, a classic Venn Diagram.

At that time, the three circles for me were:

  • Faith
  • Environment
  • Community



I was keen to meet up with different faith groups and explore the questions that emerged from those overlapping circles, for example:

  • What does your faith say about our responsibility to the world we live in?
  • What does it mean to live in community – both with those who share your beliefs and values, but also with those who live next door?
  • What does the environment mean in your local community – what opportunities do you have to protect local green spaces, or make better use of natural resources such as energy?
  • How does ‘the environment’ help you to build bridges with other people from different faiths?

The blog never happened, but the questions haven’t left me.

As I’ve considered further I’ve realised that other people will have different circles which explain why they care about the world we live in. I’ve also realised that there are other circles that matter to me, and I want to explore that further.

Over the next few months I plan to meet up with people I’ve worked with over the last few years, and ask them to draw their circles. What does the environment mean to them, and what other aspects of their values or beliefs are linked into that? Is ‘environment’ even the best word? Will I ever draw good circles?

I’m keen to hear from others too, so get in touch if you want to share the circles that matter to you.


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